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Nov 2, 2023
Addison is a junior on the Mason Girls CC Team.

Addi has been working so hard this year and has really helped the girl's cross-country team stay positive and focused on the goals in front of them.  This past week the Comets were without Addi at the regional meet in Troy, and her absence was definitely felt.  The team was NOT the same without her.  She is crucial to getting the girls pumped up and helps them stay light and happy, but still runs fast and helps our team score.  Addi has been very consistent this year and has scored in almost every meet while in high school.  Addi is a hard worker, an amazing person, and a stellar teammate.  She thinks of the team before herself and cares about the team's goals before her own.  According to Coach Dobson, her best attribute is her love of her fellow teammates. She really cares for them, and would do anything to help them succeed on Saturdays and beyond. 

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