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Scott Stemple

Welcome to the coaches directory page on

This page provides contact information for our high school head coaches. At Mason High School, we feel an open line of communication with your child's coach is very important. We are fortunate to have excellent coaches who are always open to discussing ways to work with you to help your child improve as a student athlete.

If you ever have a question or concern when it comes to your child's participation in their respective sport, I ask that you first speak with your child to learn more about their situation. The next step would be to contact your child's coach. The coach is the one who is at practice and contests every day, so they have the best view of the situation.

Please be respectful of the coaches' time. Most of our coaches are teachers and are handling the responsibilities in their classroom throughout the day. It may take them some time to respond, but I am confident that they will. As always, be mindful of the 24 hour rule. If you do have concerns after a practice or contest, please understand that it is best to allow some time to elapse before speaking with the coach. That rule is best for you and the coach and adhering to it will result in a much more constructive conversation.

Our coaches are very aware that the general well-being of their team lies in postive and open lines of communication between the coaches, players, and parents. We are fortunate to have outstanding student athletes, coaches, and parental support at Mason High School. The success we've experienced is due in large part to the incredible support we recieve from our families.

I encourage you to maintain open lines of communication with your respective coaches. Please feel free to contact me in the high school athletic department if I can be of assistance. Thank you to both student athletes and parents for your commitment to Mason Comet athletics.

Scott Stemple, Director of Athletics, Mason City Schools 

Sport Sport
Head Coach Head Coach
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Sport Baseball
Head Coach Curt Bly
Email Email
Sport Basketball - Boys
Head Coach Adam Toohey
Email Email
Sport Basketball - Girls
Head Coach Rob Matula
Email Email
Sport Bowling - Boys
Head Coach Joe Riestenberg
Email Email
Sport Bowling - Girls
Head Coach Connie Smith
Email Email
Sport Sideline Cheer
Head Coach Dani Herzog
Email Email
Sport Cross Country - Boys
Head Coach Tom Rapp
Email Email
Sport Cross Country - Girls
Head Coach Chip Dobson
Email Email
Sport Football
Head Coach Brian Castner
Email Email
Sport Golf - Boys
Head Coach Keith Brackenridge
Email Email
Sport Golf - Girls
Head Coach Chad Layton
Email Email
Sport Lacrosse - Boys
Head Coach Jeff Bumiller
Email Email
Sport Lacrosse - Girls
Head Coach Jenna Weidner
Email Email
Sport Soccer - Boys
Head Coach Nate Baer
Email Email
Sport Soccer - Girls
Head Coach Sami Rutowski
Sport Softball
Head Coach Liann Muff
Email Email
Sport Swimming/Diving
Head Coach Mark Sullivan
Email Email
Sport Tennis - Boys/Girls
Head Coach Mike Reid
Email Email
Sport Track - Boys
Head Coach Tim Pitcher
Email Email
Sport Track - Girls
Head Coach Tony Affatato
Email Email
Sport Volleyball - Boys
Head Coach Paul Melnick
Email Email
Sport Volleyball - Girls
Head Coach Eric Schatzle
Email Email
Sport Wrestling
Head Coach Nicholas Maffey
Email Email
Sport Athletic Director
Head Coach Scott Stemple
Email Email
Sport Assistant Athletic Director
Head Coach Tom Morris
Email Email
Sport Administrative Assistant
Head Coach Sophie Weaver
Email Email
Sport Athletic Trainer
Head Coach Vanessa Heath
Email Email
Sport Athletic Trainer
Head Coach Nico Martin
Email Email
Sport Strength & Conditioning
Head Coach Trent Smart
Email Email
Sport Sports Information Director
Head Coach Dan Hilen
Email Email
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