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Mason Comets 2009-10
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last updated November 9, 2009

Boys Cross Country
Team Placings
Winning Individual/Time
Mason finishes/Times/Highlights
8/29 Brian Plasman Invitational (Fairfield)

St. Xavier



Lakota West

St. Xavier B

Mason--6th place




Lakota East

Eric Gruenbacher St. Xavier 16:50

The Comets hold out their top 9 runners giving some underclassmen vauluable meet experience.

23 Chris Lehman 12 18:01

26 Eric Pfander 11 18:09

35 Tyler Phillips 11 18:21

39 Brett Sanders 10 18:27

41 Kyle Lipton 11 18:30

45 Alex Notten 9 18:33

59 Tyler Willet 12 19:03

9/5 St. Ursula Inv.


Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points (9-10)

1. St. Xavier 34 2. Centerville 70 3. Mason 91 4. Turpin 102 5. Sycamore 119 6. Centerville B 121 7. Cov. Cath. 187 8. Walnut Hills 249

Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points (11-12 grade)

5 Dan Scurry 17:04 8 Christian Lehman 17:14 11 Alec Schlosser 17:25 15 Tyler Phillips 17:35 21 Eric Pfander 17:56 24 Kyle Lipton 18:03 27 Tyler Willett 18:25

Top 9-10 Finisher Overall: Antony Parnigoni Turpin 17:08

Top 11-12 Finisher Overall: Nicolas El-Khoury Turpin 16:42

9th/10th Grade RACE

The Mason boys underclassmen got to measure themselves against other underclassmen in this unique meet. Standout performances include Mason’s top sophomore, Brett Sanders, with a 50 sec. personal best improvement and Mason’s top freshmen Alex Notten with a personal best time of 17:47.

7 Brett Sanders 10 17:37 10 Alex Notten 9 17:47 23 Ryan Mumma 10 18:39 25 Conner Van Blaricom 9 18:40 26 Joey Stimler 9 18:41 29 Alex McGary 10 18:46 36 Kevin Feng 10 18:58

11th/12th Grade Mason Boys Top 7:

11th/12th Grade RACE

In the junior/senior race, senior Dan Scurry debuted his season with a 35 second improvement over his last year’s best time. He was the top Mason runner at the meet today. Also of note is senior Christian Lehman running a 47 second personal record. The Mason boys had a fantastic 1-5 pack time of 52 seconds.

5 Dan Scurry 17:04 8 Christian Lehman 17:14 11 Alec Schlosser 17:25 15 Tyler Phillips 17:35 21 Eric Pfander 17:56 24 Kyle Lipton 18:03 27 Tyler Willett 18:25

9/12 Mason Inv.

Team Scores: Top 10 Schools

1. Mason 66

2. LaSalle 83

3. Tippecanoe 127

4. Fairmont 131

5. Centerville 139

6. St. Xavier 141

7. Turpin 154

8. Sycamore 229

9. Fairfield 252

10. Northmont 269

Zach Wills Mason 15:17

On their home course, the Mason men came out on top. For some, this was their debut race of the season. That includes junior Zach Wills, who ran the race practically alone, finishing 20 seconds faster than he did last year on the same course. Mason was competitive in the last mile and that made the difference. Senior Matt Kahl gained 2 key places in the last mile, moving from 6th to 4th. Matt Kincaid and Alec Schlosser both beat out LaSalle’s 4th man, doing their part to seal the win. Senior Eric Hauser also ran very well on this tough course, improving his time from last years Mason race by 36 seconds. The course features straw-bale jumps, a creek crossing and the famous “mulch hill.”


1 Zach Wills 11 15:17 4 Matt Kahl 12 16:25 17 Eric Hauser 12 17:05 23 Matt Kincaid 11 17:19 25 Alec Schlosser 12 17:22 39 Dan Scurry 12 17:39 40 Tyler Phillips 11 17:41 43 Ronny Ipach 12 17:49 47 Brett Sanders 10 17:55

9/19 Alliance Inv.

Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points

1. Sylvania Northview 91

2. Pick. North 102

3. Dublin Coffman 105

4. St. Xavier 145

5. Lakota West 168

6. Oak Hills 180

7. Mason 200

8. Hill. Darby 270

9. Sycamore 292

10. Lakota East 323

Daniel Garleb Pickerington North 15:36


With several top runners not racing this weekend, this Mason squad got some experience against some very good competition. Matt Kincaid led the team with a strong 16:17, 17th place finish. Ronnie Ipach and Chris Lehman worked together throughout the race and both finished with personal bests.

Place Name Grade Time

17 Matt Kincaid 11 16:17

27 Matt Larcomb 12 16:45

41 Chris Lehman 12 17:00

51 Ronnie Ipach 12 17:15

64 Tyler Phillips 12 17:23

77 Brett Sanders 10 17:36

82 Kyle Lipton 11 17:39

Alex Notten 9 17:47 Eric Pfander 11 18:03 Tyler Willett 12 18:10

9/26 Culver (IN) Inv.

1. Columbus North 78

2. Carmel 105

3. North Central 124

4. Sylvania Northview 199

5. SB St. Joseph 214

6. Chesterton 222

7. Fishers 223

8. Mason 246

9. Zionsville 285

10. Warren Central 285

Zach Wills Mason 14:54

The Mason Comets traveled to one of the best cross country venues in the Midwest. They competed against the best of Indiana’s cross country programs (and incidently some of the best programs in the Midwest), namely, Columbus North, Carmel, North Central. Also at the meet was rising OH power, Sylvania Northview.

Mason had it’s hands full and lacked some of the sharpness that will come as the season progresses. However, outstanding performances included senior Eric Hauser, who was Mason’s 3rd man in the race. He finished in 16:28 in 33rd place—a season and personal best.

Everyone was talking about the matchup between Zach Wills and Futsum Zeinasellassie, a sophomore that finished 7th at the Foot Locker National Meet in 2008. Wills gave him a race from the gun, putting 30 meters on him before the mile mark and never looked back. He finished the course in a near-record time of 14:54, just 7 seconds off the record. That is a season and personal best time for Wills.

1 Zach Wills 11 14:54 20 Matt Kahl 12 16:09 33 Eric Hauser 12 16:26 89 Matt Larcomb 12 17:04 103 Matt Kincaid 11 17:12 108 Alec Schlosser 12 17:17 111 Dan Scurry 12 17:18

9/29 Kings Inv.

Sycamore 31

Kings 56

Mason 64

Ryan Thompson-Sycamore 18:20

Mason runs only the open race event.

Mason Boys Varsity: Place Name Grade Time

7 Joey Stimler 9 18:54 8 Kevin Feng 10 18:59 13 Junior Mapati 12 19:05 16 Kevin Fitzgerald 12 19:12 20 Nick Whitmore 9 19:21 22 Jake Allen 11 19:26 25 Alec Reuter 9 19:32


10/3 Midwest Meet

Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points

1. St. Ignatius 94

2. Sylvania Northview 138

3. Mason 147

4. St. John’s Jesuit 193

5. Pick. North 211

6. Dublin Coffman 212

7. Lakota West 248

8. Hudson 270

9. Reynoldsburg 183

10. Culver 185

Zach Wills-Mason 15:27


The Mason boys ran well and this meet was a step in the right direction. Of note in this meet was senior Chris Lehman who was the crucial 5th man on the Mason squad. He improved his season and overall best time by 12 seconds, finishing in a time of 16:46. Zach Wills also defended his MMOC title by winning the race. Mason will be off next weekend and will then look to sharpen up for the big meets coming up.

Mason Boys Varsity: Place Name Grade Time

1 Zach Wills 11 15:27

19 Matt Kahl 12 16:11

38 Matt Larcomb 12 16:37

42 Matt Kincaid 11 16:41

47 Chris Lehman 12 16:46

59 Eric Hauser 12 16:53

96 Dan Scurry 12 17:17

10/17 GMC Championships

1. Lakota West 58

2. Mason 59

3. Colerain 82

4. Oak Hills 108

5. Sycamore 109

6. Middletown 157

7. Lakota East 160

8. Princeton 173

9. Fairfield 245

10. Hamilton 303

Top Finisher Overall: Zach Wills Mason 16:04

The Comets fell just 1 point short in their attempt to secure the GMC cross country championship. Zach Wills won the individual championship, but Lakota West put 4 guys in front of Matt Larcomb, Mason’s 2nd man across the line. Even though Mason put all 7 guys in front of West’s 5th man, it wasn’t quite enough to counteract West’s top 4. The Comets will refocus for the district, regional and state meets ahead.


Mason Boys Varsity: Place Name Grade Time

1 Zach Wills 11 16:04

12 Matt Larcomb 12 16:47

14 Matt Kincaid 11 17:00

15 Matt Kahl 12

17:05 17 Eric Hauser 12 17:07

18 Tate Honaker 11 17:12

33 Alec Schlosser 12 17:38


Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points

1. Mason 45

2. Elder 63

3. Colerain 93

4. Oak Hills 101

5. Turpin 134

Zach Wills Mason 16:29


4 Kincaid, Matt 11 16:44

9 Kahl, Matt 12 17:08

14 Larcomb, Matt

12 17:12

17 Honaker, Tate 11 17:23

18 Lehman, Chris 12 17:26

30 Scurry, Dan 12 17:59

October 23, 2009


WEST CHESTER, Ohio – The Mason boys and girls cross country teams captured District Titles Saturday at Voice of America Park.  It was a great day for both squads as they proved they are healthy and a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming weeks. 

The Mason boys cross country team regained the championship form that earned them last years state title with their dominating win at this years District meet on Saturday.  The Comets scored 18 points lower than their next competitor, Elder High School.  This year’s district title was truly a team effort as the Comets executed their race plan perfectly. Zach Wills was first across the line closely followed by Matt Kincaid who had a great day finishing in 4th place. Matt Kahl and Matt Larcomb ran tough races as well, finishing in the top 15 overall. Tate Honaker showed that he is only getting better and is regaining race sharpness as the post season gets going. Chris Lehman, now healthy and strong, followed Honaker.  Dan Scurry stepped up when his team needed him.

Both teams will compete for state berths at next weekends Regional meet at Troy.  For more information visit www.swdab.org/.


Dan Hilen

Mason Sports Information



1. St. Xavier


3. Lasalle

4. Elder



The Mason boys’ cross country team advanced to the State Cross Country meet for the 3rd year in a row finishing 2nd behind St. Xavier High School.  Junior Zach Wills (15:41) and Matt Kahl (16:37) earned all-regional honors by finishing in the top 16. Zach Wills continued his Ohio dominance, defending his regional title. Senior Chris Lehman (38th) had a solid race, moving up considerably in the final mile and possibly making the difference for the Comets. 

Other Comet finishes included Matt Larcomb (27th), Eric Hauser (48th), Tate Honaker (49th) and Matt Kincaid (66th).  LaSalle, Elder, Oak Hills and Lakota West rounded out the top six in team scoring.

Full results on www.baumspage.com or oh.milesplit.us.



Scioto Downs, Columbus, Ohio

Team Scores: Top 10 Schools Points

1. Cleveland St. Ignatius 82

2. St. Xavier 118

3. Sylvania Northview 137

4. Mason 146

5. Pickerington North 147

6. Canton Glen Oak 189

7. Hudson 195

8. Lousiville 215

9. Tol. Central Catholic 221

10. Elder 228

Zach Wills 15:45

It was a good day in Comet Cross Country… thrilled to finish the season as the 4th best team in the state of Ohio. Overall, there is much celebrate and a great deal to be proud of. Zach Wills defended his state title running the entire race by himself, earning the Comets the coveted 1 point and making All-Ohio honors. Matt Kahl also earned All-Ohio honors by finishing 17th overall. Kahl ran with guts. He put himself in position early on and just held on. Eric Hauser also placed very well, finishing 60th overall. Matt Kincaid, Chris Lehman, Matt Larcomb and Tate Honaker rounded out the 7 Mason finishers.

1 Wills, Zach 11 15:45

17 Kahl, Matt 12 16:21

60 Hauser, Eric 12 16:52

89 Lehman, Chris 12 17:13

87 Kincaid, Matt 11 17:12

98 Larcomb, Matt 12 17:21

146 Honaker, Tate 11 18:31

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Girls Cross Country
Team Placings
Winning Individual/Time
Mason finishes/Times/Highlights
8/29 Brian Plasman Invitational (Fairfield)

1. Mason 56

2. Sycamore 63 3. Mason B 1264. Colerain 1285. Milford 1636. Lebanon 1657. Lakota East 1678. Turpin 1849. McNic 18610. Fairfield 229


Saturday the Girls Cross Country Comets were in action at the hilly confines of Harbin Park in Fairfield. The team was strong to say the least!!The girls occupied 10 out of the first 25 spots in the race.

The A team placed first over a very strong Sycamore team, and the B team (our next 7 runners) placed 3rd overall in the team scoring. This depth is unprecedented in Mason Cross Country and very rare. Our B team actually beat the Colerain A team, along with about 20 other teams from around the city. It was a great showing, and the girls should be quite proud.

Chelsea Hoffmaster led the Comets, with Jessica Harrison not far behind. Mackenzie Jensen, Cari Caprio and Alyssa Ross rounded out our scorers and made a strong statement about the strength of this team.

9/5 St. Ursula Inv.

Fr/ Soph Results
1. Mason - 46
2. Ursuline - 80
3. St. Ursula - 90
4. Oak Hills - 110
5. Centerville - 116

Jr / Sr. Results
1. Mason - 40
2. St. Ursula - 61
3. Centerville - 115
4. Sycamore - 124
5. Turpin - 138


The Girls Cross country team had a great outting at the first annual St. Ursula Running Spot Classic. The teams were divided into Fresh/Soph races, and Jr/Sr races. This is a very different format, but it didn't matter to the girls who dominated both races! The teams both won their races, and did so very convincingly. In the Freshman Sophomore race, the team was led by Mackenzie Jensen who had a season best time, and ran toward the front placing 5th overall. She was followed by an awesome pack of girls coming in very close together including newcomer Tori Martin, Freshman Maddy Baehre and veterans Alyssa Carman and Bridget McElhenny. It was a great showing, and the girls looked very strong.

In the JR/Senior race the team was led by a pack of Jessica Harrison, Chelsea Hoffmaster and Cari Caprio, and not far behind was Brenna Hallum and Alyssa Ross. This squad looked great too, and saw many personal and season best times. Jessica Harrison was the top runner for mason overall, placing 2nd overall.

9/12 Mason Inv.

1. St. Ursula 61

2. Mason 63

3. Sycamore 88

4. Ursuline 121

5. Oak Hills 144

6. Tippecanoe 160

7. Lakota East 177

8. Northmont 220

9. Turpin 228

10. Fairfileld 257

Samantha Siler-Sycamore (18:55.56)

The Girls’ CC Team finished 2nd to St. Ursula (same as 2008) on Saturday.  The Comets looked to be in a commanding position after 2 miles of the 3.1 race.  But in the last kilometer (.62 mile) things didn’t go well as SUA rallied and took the lead winning by a scant 2 points.  Jessica Harrison led the way for the Comets with a season best time of 19:54, followed closely behind by Chelsea Hoffmaster.  For the first time in her career as a high school varsity racer, Briget McEhlenny was part of the scoring team, as she raced to a great overall time, and a near personal best.

Both teams will be back in action next week as they face tough competition in the Alliance Invitational in Dayton.  
9/19 Alliance Inv.

1. Springboro 50

2. Mason 84

3. Sycamore 107

4. Lebanon 136

5. East 138

6. Coffman 171

7. Oak Hills 177

8. Pick North 224


he Mason Girls Cross Country faced their toughest competiton yet. The Springboro girls team is very talented, and they came to the meet ready for a fight. They clearly ran their best yet this season, and gave our girls a very hard time. The Comets ran tough, logging our best times of the season, and we put up a good fight.

The girls packed it in, and put 4 girls between 19:29 and 19:41, with one just a few seconds off the pace. This was our best pack running of the year, and a good team effort. Jessica Harrison led the way again, with a personal best time of 19:29. She ran tough from the gun, and took a top 15 place at this very prestigious meet. Monica Lake Returned to action, to fill the gap left by Cari Caprio who was on a college visit. Chelsea Hoffmaster continuted her stellar season just a few seconds back, and BRIDGET MCELHNENNY ran great. The fifth man (woman) is key in cross country and she did her part.

Overall the Comets looked tough. The season is shaping up quite well, but many teams in the area are very good. It should be a tough battle this season, but the girls look ready for war.

Top Mason Runners
1. Harrison 19:29
2. Lake 19:34
3. Hoffmaster 19:37
4. Jensen 19:41
5. McElhenny 19:48

9/26 Culver (IN) Inv. 1. Carmel - 74
2. Columbus North - 104
3. Sylvania Northview (OH) - 192
4. Mason - 194

The lady Comets had a solid effort at the Culver Academy Invitational this weekend. In a loaded field of Indiana's best teams they placed 4th overall. (2 points out of 3rd)

The girls were led by MONICA LAKE who ran to a season best 19:16, not far behind wad Jessica Harrison at 19:19, and then Chelsea Hoffmaster and Mackenzie Jensen were both about 20 seconds back, with Bridget McElhenny taking the 5 spot. The girls ran well with several season best times, and look to be one of the top teams in the area.

1. Lake, Monica 19:16

2. Harrison, Jessica 19:19

3. Hoffmaster, Chelsea - 19:39

4. Jensen, Mackenzie - 19:48

5. Bridget McElhenny - 20:01

9/29 Kings Inv.      
10/3 Midwest Meet 1. Magnificat
2. Hudson
3. Dublin Scioto
5. St. Vincent St. Mary
6. Brunswick
7. Hilliard Davidson
8. Sacred Heart
9. Van Wert
10. Culver
  The girls went north to Columbus to compete in the very tough Midwest Meet of Champions. The girls took first in the Freshman race and 2nd overall in the JV race. The varsity team took 4th overall in the Race of Champions, a preview of the state meet. The team was led by Jessica Harrison, who put on a strong show, with her best race yet. She ran to a season best 19:09, which put her in 13th place overall. Monica Lake was next just a few seconds back with Hoffmaster / Jensen and McElhenny rounding out our scorers.
10/17 GMC Championships 1. Sycamore 51
2. Mason 55
3. Colerain 80
4. Lakota East 86
5. Oak Hills 124
6. Lakota West 156
7. Fairfield 182
8. Princeton 213
9. Hamilton 270

The team was once again led by Jessica Harrison, who ran just a few seconds off her best time on a windy, soggy day at Voice of America Park. Jessica was followed by a very strong Chelsea Hoffmaster, who ran tough placing her 8th place, and making first team all GMC.

Next was our pack of Jensen / Martin / Carman, with Caprio suffering a calf strain that put her off the back. (very sad) Monica Lake sat the day out with flu like symptons.

The team narrowly missed the win by 4 points. Sycamore edged us out, but the girls look to exact revenge in the next week, the district meet.


October 23, 2009


WEST CHESTER, Ohio – The Mason boys and girls cross country teams captured District Titles Saturday at Voice of America Park.  It was a great day for both squads as they proved they are healthy and a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming weeks. 

The Comet ladies outdistanced runner-up Kings by thirty points by recording a total of 36 points.  The top four teams at District qualified for next weekends Regional meet.  Colerain and Mercy will be the other two representatives.  The Comets were led by Jessica Harrison who was 2nd overall followed by Monica Lake and Chelsea Hoffmaster.  Mackenzie Jensen also ran a strong race along with newcomer Tori Martin rounding out the Mason scorers.  Additionally both Brenna Hallum and Bridget McElhenny had good days, and were just off Mason’s 5th scorer.  The Comets had all 7 runners in the top 16 spots.  The Lady Comets took a strong step forward in their quest for a state berth.   

Both teams will compete for state berths at next weekends Regional meet at Troy.  For more information visit www.swdab.org/.


Dan Hilen

Mason Sports Information






October 31, 2009


TROY, Ohio -- The Mason Comets girls’ cross country team is heading back to State after being crowned Regional Champions on Saturday at Troy.  The top four teams and top sixteen individuals will advance to the State Meet next Saturday at Scioto Downs in Columbus, Ohio. 

The Comets were led by Monica Lake (19:20.45) who took 6th overall, with Jessica Harrison (19:30.27) finishing 8th.  The big run of the day came from senior Chelsea Hoffmaster (19:38.83).  She ran just off her personal best time, pushing herself to new levels and earning a top 16 placing to receive the coveted Regional medal.

“Beating the tough Springboro team was a big feather in our cap, and we should be in contention for a top spot at the State meet,” said Mason head girls CC coach Chip Dobson.

Mackenzie Jensen and Bridget McElhenny rounded out the Mason scorers, with Tori Marin and Brenna Hallum not far behind.  “The girls ran very well as a team, and go to the state final in great shape,” Dobson said.   “The team has come together very nicely this year, and this race was the culmination of that bonding.”

Full results on www.baumspage.com or oh.milesplit.us.



Scioto Downs, Columbus, Ohio

8th place  

The Mason girls’ cross country team finished 8th overall at the state meet.  Jessica Harrison was the Comets’ top finisher in 19:26.91, good enough for 31st place.

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Mason Highlights

Trotwood Madison

@ Welcome Stadium

won 20-17 1-0 0-0

Comet Comback!

The Mason Comet football team put together bookend quarters scoing ten points in the 1st and 4th quarter to win their season opener in the Skyline Crosstown Showdown agains Trotwood.

The Comets had to overcome mother nature and a sluggish restart on Friday when the contest was delayed by lightning on Thursday night. Mason led 10-0 when play was stopped during halftime. It looked like Trotwood had the upper hand when the game resumed on Friday, scoring 14 unanswered points on their way to a 14-10 advantage heading into the final frame. The Comets showed character and resolve on their next possesion, capping off a 73-yard scoring drive when QB Alex Farren passed to WR Ronald Swonger on a 4-yard TD catch making it 17-14 Mason.

Trotwood tied it up at 17-all on a 35-yard field goal with 5:55 left in the game.

Again, Mason responded. Farren’s sneak on fourth-and-inches inside the 15-yard line kept a drive alive. Andrew Grage’s 32-yard field goal with 1:45 remaining proved to be the difference, lifting the Comets to a come-from-behind 20-17 triumph over the Rams. Grage also had a successful 36 yard FG in the first quarter.

Nick Wehby picked off Trotwood’s Marcus Graham with 1:23 to go to seal the Comets’ victory. Notable stats included a 8-yard Farren to Ethan King TD on Thursday night. Farren finished with 16 competions on 26 attempts for 173 yards and two TD's. David Fulcher Jr. rushed for 78 yards on 15 carries.

9/4 CENTERVILLE lost 34-14 1-1 0-0

The Elks worn down the Comet defense rolling up 611 yards of total offense. Mason created some early excitement when Alex Farren connected on a record setting 80-yard TD pass Ethan King after Centerville opened the game with a TD drive of their own. The senior quarterback finished 16-of-26 passing for 231 yards with the one interception and one touchdown. King led the Comets with five catches for 99 yards. Junior Matt Bertrams had six catches for 42 yards.



game stats

season stats

9/11 Gahanna Lincoln lost 14-3 1-2 0-0

The Lions allowed the Comets just 128 yards of total offense in a 14-3 win.

The Comets punted eight times. Their only score was a 26-yard field goal by Andrew Grage late in the first half, after they took over following a fumble on a punt return by Gahanna. Both teams had trouble getting untracked in the first half. Mason ran just 27 offensive plays on eight drives and gained just 46 yards with two first downs.

Mason’s special teams kept the Comets in the game in the first half. They recovered two Gahanna fumbles on punt returns. Punter Ethan King averaged 42 yards on six kicks. Andrew Grage kicked a 26-yard field goal late in the second quarter.

Mason plays at Oak Hills next week in the GMC opener for both schools.

game stats

season stats

9/18 Oak Hills lost 13-10 1-3 0-1

The Comets kept it close in spite of a penaltly laden game by both teams. A 44 yard TD pass to Ron Swonger from Alex Farren with 1:52 remaining set up a onside kick. Unfortunately Oak Hills recovered the ball and ran the clock out.

Ethan King caught four passes for 52 yards while Swonger had 3 for 57 yards.

game stats

season stats

9/25 MIDDLETOWN lost 41-24 1-4 0-2

It was the tale of two halves for the Comets. The Middies were held a slight 21-17 lead going into the locker room then proceeded to add 40 points to their final total in the final two quarters.

Of special note....Junior wide receiver Derek Henson caught three Alex Farren TD passes of 22, 71 and 19 yards. Andrew Gage kicked a 41-yard field goal.

game stats

season stats

10/2 Lakota West lost 45-13 1-5 0-3

Mason Highlights:

NIck Wehby return a punt for 89-yards to start the 3rd quarter.

Josh Dooley ran 58-yards for TD in the fourth quarter.

Andy Porter made 7 tackles. Jake Suess had 6 tackles.

game stats

season stats

10/9 HAMILTON won 17-7 2-5 1-3


It was a homecoming special for the Comets as they celebrated this special evening by knocking off the Hamilton Big Blue on a rainy, dreary night at Atrium Stadium. But the Comets made sure there was nothing dreary about the outcome of the game surprising the favored visitors with a final score of 17-7.

Hamilton drew first blood on a 39-yard run at the 4:48 mark in the first quarter. That was all the offense Hamilton could muster the rest of the evening. The Comet defense playing with intensity and focus held Big Blue to 192 yards of total offense.

Josh Dooley gave Mason field advantage blocking a Hamilton punt deep in their own territory in the 2nd quarter. Four plays later Gabe Shreve converted a fourth and 1 with a 15-yard TD run to tie the game. The halftime remained 7-7 going into the locker room.

Mason took the lead for good with 2:05 left in the third quarter when quarterback and homecoming king Alex Farren hit Nick Wehby with an 11-yard touchdown pass. Andrew Grage put the game out of reach with a 34-yard field goal with 2:08 left in the contest

Farren finished with 121 passing yards on 13 completions. Shreve was Mason's top rusher with 13 carries for 51 yards. Andy Porter made 5 solo tackles on the evening.

The win breaks a 5 game skid for the Comets who will entertain the Colerain Cardinals next Friday.

game stats

season stats

10/16 COLERAIN lost 56-3 2-6 1-4



game stats

season stats

10/23 Fairfield lost 30-7 2-7 1-5


Derek Henson scored on a 6-yard run.

game stats

season stats

10/30 SYCAMORE won 10-3 3-7



7th place overall


Twenty four Mason senior football players finished their Comet careers on a high note with a win against the Aves.

Derek Henson's 84 yard run from scrimmage was the only TD in the game and put the Comets ahead 7-3. The Mason defense did an effective job of keeping the Aviators out of the end zone.

Andrew Grage kicked a 32-yard fourth quarter field goal to ice the win for the Comets.



game stats

season stats


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Boys Golf
Team Placings
Other Comet Scores
Match Record
Event Notes
8/11 Princeton Inv.

16 Team Competed Mason finished tied for 4th

1st Fairfield 304, 2nd Indian Hill 311, Lakota West 313, Mason 316, Oak Hills 316, Middletown 317, Loveland 319

  Evan Bryan 75, Tommy Carns 81, Drew Hutson 79, Reeve Bergesen 81, Van Morris 83, Wes Greene 83     
8/13 Moeller

Moeller 148

Mason 159


Bryan 41, Carns 38, Hutson 42, Bergesen 38, Morris 42, Kallmyer 44

8/19 Lebanon Invitational

1st Mason-Total 306
2nd Lakota West 309
3rd Lakota East 310

Other Teams: Wilmington 315, Centerville 318, Fairmont 322, Sycamore 329, Kings 336, Beavercreek 337, Talawanda 340, Springboro 343, Hamilton 345,  Xenia 349 Lebanon 372, Greenville 378

  Evan Bryan 73** 2nd Place Overall and  All Tournament Team
Brennan Kallmyer 77 **  Lost scorecard playoff for All Tournament Team
Van Morris 77** Top 10 All Tournament Team
Drew Hutson 79
Reeve Bergesen 81
Tommy Carns 82

Mason Varsity Wins Lebanon Invitational

8/20 Anderson Invitational

1st Lokata West 306
2nd Elder 314
Tie 3rd Mason 317 and Lakota East B Team 317



Reeve Bergesen 77
Evan Bryan 79
Brennan Kallmyer 80
Tommy Carns 81
Drew Hutson 81
Van Morris 87
Team Score 317

8/22 Sycamore Invitational

1st St Charles 298
2nd Dublin Jerome 301
3rd Dublin Coffman 312
4th Fairfield 312
5th St Xavier 313
6th Lakota East 316
7th Lakota West 321
8th Mason 323
9th Elder 326
10th LaSalle 329

11th Sycamore 33

Brennan Kallmyer 79
Evan Bryan 81
Drew Hutson 81
Tommy Carns 83
Reeve  Bergesen 87

8/24 Kings Invitational

1st Mason 311
2nd Lakota West 314
3rd Lakota East 316

Brennan Kallmyer 73  * Tied for medalist lost score card playoff.

All Tournament Team
Evan Bryan 75* All Tournament Team
Reeve Bergesen 78
Van Morris 85
Daron Prater 88
Wes GReene 96


Varsity Wins Kings Invitational

8/26 Moeller Invitational Lakota West 319
Moeller 322
Mason 325
Moeller Gold 329
Covington Catholic 332
Fairfield 335
Lakota East 348
Anderson 349
Brennan Kallmyer 75* Medalist for tournament
Evan Bryan 81
Tommy Carns 81
Drew Hutson 88
Reeve Bergesen 90
  Visit cometgolf.blog.com for more information on the boy' golfing Comets!
8/27 Quad Match Lakota West 151
Mason 157
Middletown 160
Lakota East 161
  Brennan Kallmyer 37
Reeve Bergesen 39
Tommy Carns 40
Evan Bryan 41
Drew Hutson 44
Van Morris 43
  Visit cometgolf.blog.com for more information on the boy' golfing Comets!
8/29 Moeller Inv. Mason 9th place-325  

9.   Brennan Kallmyer  Mason      76

9/1 Quad Match Lakota East 161
LaSalle 163
Mason 165
Oak Hills 177

Evan Bryan 40

Drew Hutson 41

Reeve Bergesen 42

Brennan Kallmyer 42

Daron Prater 46

Tommy Carns 47

9/9 Tri Match

mason 153

indian hill 165

seven hills 177

  tommy carns 35
brennan kallmyer 37
reeve bergesen 40
drew hutson 41
evan bryan 41
van morris 41
9/12 Hadley Invitational         NO REPORT
9/15 Quad Match

Mason 158

Lakota East 159

Fairfield 160

Sycamore 166

  Reeve Bergesen 36 Brennan Kallmyer 40 Evan Bryan 40 Drew Hutson 42 Tommy Carns 45 Daron Prater 45  



9/17 Quad Match

Mason 159

Kings 166

Princeton 178

Colerain only 3 players


Drew Hutson 37

Brennan Kallmyer 40

Van Morris 40

Evan Bryan 42

Tommy Carns 43

Wes Greene 43

9/23 GMC Championships

1st place-Lakota West-616

2nd place-Mason-629

Lakota East (641) was third, Fairfield (644) fifth and Hamilton (692) eighth


Korey Ward-Lakota West Brennan kallmyer 80,74
evan bryan 81,77
tommy carns81,83
drew hutson76,84
reeve bergesen 81,77
van morris 89
9/30 Tri-Match

elder 161

mason 166

anderson 179

  kallmyer 45
bryan 39
hutson 43
carns 41
morris 48
bergesen 43
10/3 Bishop Walterson 8th place (26 teams)   kallmyer 81
bryan 85
bergesen 86
hutson 85
carns 85



7th place--319   kallmyer 82
bryan 80
hutson 78
bergesen 85
10/13 DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS         Mason did not qualify.

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Girls Golf
Team Placings
Other Comet Scores
Match Record
Event Notes
8/17 Fairfield Inv.

1ST MASON: 300

2nd: Lakota West 312

3rd place: St. Ursula: 323
4th: Ursuline: 334
5th: Sycamore: 335
6th: Lakota East: 351
7th: Milford: 357
8th: Mount Notre Dame: 358
9th: Oak Hills: 360
10th: Seton: 374
11th: McAuley: 374
12th: Indian Hill: 383
13th: Fairfield: 392
14th: Colerain: 418

Junior Erin Michel shot a school-record 69, one under par for the round junior Emily Wright, 73; senior Deanna Mychalishyn, 75; and senior Chelsea Sturtevant, 83. Also, sophomore Jamie Ellison shot a 92, while senior Lyndsey McCall had a 95.  


The Mason varsity girls' golf team, fresh off the 2008 state championship, picked up where it left off with a team score of 300 to win the Fairfield Invitational tournament at Fairfield Greens South Trace on Monday, Aug. 17. Mason, playing without second-team all-state golfer Jessica Zhang, won by 12 strokes over Lakota West.

8/18 Middletown Inv.

Coming in third with a 323 was St. Ursula, followed by Sycamore (331) and Ursuline (342).

Others: 6th: Oak Hills (344) 7th: Kings (349) 8th: Mount Notre Dame (353) 9th: Mason White (355) 10th: Lakota East (365)

Emily Wright took medalist honors with a one-under-par 71 Erin Michel, fresh off her 69 at Fairfield, shot 74 to finish third. Deanna Mychalishyn shot 84, and Jessica Zhang and Chelsea Sturtevant both had 87s.   Mason's varsity girls team won its second invitational of 2009 with a team score of 316, good enough for a seven-stroke victory over Lakota West at the Middletown Invitational tournament at Weatherwax Golf Course on Tuesday, Aug. 18. This is the third straight Middletown Invitational title for the Comets
8/21 Pickerington Inv. The Comets' team score of 317 was one better than St. Ursula's 318. Lakota West finished in third place with a 321. Emily Wright repeated as medalist with an even-par round of 74. Erin Michel shot 78, followed by Jessica Zhang with an 81 and Deanna Mychalishyn with an 84.   On Friday, Aug. 21, Mason won its third straight Lady Panther Invitational at Pickerington's Turnberry Golf Course.
8/22 Midwest Classic Mason team score of 318, easily outdistancing second-place Ashland by 12 strokes. Emily Wright tied for low score with a three-over-par 75; she lost the medalist honors in a tiebreaker Erin Michel shot 78, followed by Jessica Zhang's 81 and Deanna Mychalishyn's 84.   The Comets varsity girls' golf team made it four consecutive tournament wins on Saturday, Aug. 22 at the Midwest Classic.
8/24 Centerville Inv.

Lakota West won the Centerville Invitational with a team score of 311, followed by the Comets at 320.

Dublin Coffman finished third with a 329, followed in fourth place by Ursuline at 330 and fifth-place Sycamore at 332.

  Erin Michel paced Mason with a 78, followed by Emily Wright's 79, Jessica Zhang's 80 and Deanna Mychalishyn's 83   On Monday, Aug. 24, the girls' team experienced something it hasn't felt since the state finals in October 2007: a loss.
8/31 St. Ursula

Mason 151

St. Ursula 159

  Erin Michel fired a two-under-par 34 on the back nine at Walden Ponds to set the tone, as Mason's top three golfers combined to shoot only one over par. Emily Wright shot 37, Jessica Zhang had a 39, and Lyndsey McCall shot 41.  

After having to wait a week since the Centerville Invitational - the Comets' first tournament loss in more than a year - Mason responded with a convincing 151-159 win over third-ranked St. Ursula, the team many picked to provide Mason its toughest test to repeat as state champions.


9/1 Oak Hills

Mason 159

Oak Hills 173

  The Comets defeated Oak Hills 159-173 at Neuman Golf Course. Emily Wright led the way with a one-under-par 35, followed by Erin Michel with a 37. Raedden Robson shot Mason's third-best score with a 43, and two others, Deanna Mychalishyn and Jamie Ellison, both shot 44.   Mason moves to 2-0 overall (1-0 in the GMC).
9/2 Tri Match

Mason 154 (1st)

Lakota West 154 (2nd)

Fairfield 185

Hamilton 260

  Erin Michel led the way with a one-under 35. Emily Wright shot 36, Jessica Zhang had a 40, and Chelsea Sturtevant shot 43.  

Mason won by the slimmest of margins on the Valley View course at Weatherwax. The Comets tied Lakota West at 154 each. The tiebreaker then came down to the fifth-best score. Deanna Mychalishyn's 44 trumped West's fifth player's 45, giving Mason the win.

Mason moves to 5-0 this season (4-0 GMC).

9/8 Colerain

Mason 155

Colerain 184

Emily Wright was medalist with a one-over-par 36 Erin Michel shot 38, Jessica Zhang had a 40, and Deanna Mychalishyn shot 41.   Mason moves to 6-0 overall (5-0 GMC).
9/17 Middletown

Mason 154

Middletown 191

Co-medalists were Emily Wright and Erin Michel, with 37s. Chelsea Sturtevant shot 39, her lowest round of the year. Jessica Zhang shot 41.  

Mason shot its second consecutive 154 at Weatherwax (this time on the Meadows course) to win its match by 37 strokes over Middletown.

Mason moves to 7-0 (6-0 GMC).

9/19 Toledo St. Ursula

1st place-Mason 312

2nd-St. Ursula 320

3rd- Lakota West 330

  Emily Wright shot the second-lowest round of the tournament with a 3-over 74. Erin Michel fired a 78, Jessica Zhang had a 79, and Deanna Mychalishyn shot 81.  


The Comets have made the trip north to Toledo for the prestigious Toledo St. Ursula tournament at Highland Meadows Country Club for the past two years. And both years, Mason has won the invitational.

This is Mason's fifth win in six invitationals this season.


1st place-Lakota West-616

2nd place-Mason-618

3rd place-Sycamore

Lakota East (743) was fourth, Fairfield (760) was sixth and Hamilton (1,132) was ninth

Kari Hogeback-Lakota West    

GMC Tournament: Lakota West was one stroke better on both days of the GMC tournament at Weatherwax, shooting 309-307 to Mason's 310-308 to win 616-618 over Mason. Emily Wright, Erin Michel and Jessica Zhang finished second (146), third (153) and fourth (156) in the tournament, with Chelsea Sturtevant tied for 10th at 166 and Deanna Mychalishyn 12th at 167. All five golfers were named to the GMC First Team.

Tri match on 9/28: The Comets squeaked by St. Ursula at California Golf Course, winning by one stroke, 152-153. Sycamore placed third with a 162. Emily Wright blistered the course with a two-under 33. Jessica Zhang shot a 38, Erin Michel fired a 40, and Chelsea Sturtevant had a 41. Mason moves to 9-0 on the season.

Tri-match on 10/1: Mason fired a season-low 148 on the front nine at Wetherington Country Club, with five of the six players shooting in the 30s: Emily Wright, 35; Jessica Zhang, 36; Deanna Mychalishyn, 38; and Erin Michel and Chelsea Sturtevant, 39 each. Mason's 148 easily outdistanced Lakota East (173) and Middletown (185). The Comets, who haven't lost a regular season match since August 2007, finish the regular season a perfect 13-0 (10-0 GMC).

9/28 Tri-Match         NO REPORT
10/1 Tri-Match




Emily Wright-1-under par 35 No report    

1 Mason 319

2 Lakota West 321

3 Sycamore 352

4 McAuley 356

5 Kings 373

6 Springboro 373

7 Milford 376

8 Mother of Mercy 415

9 Loveland 441

10 Wilmington 471

11 Turpin 496

12 Anderson 513

13 Glen Este 564

Emily Wright 3-under-par 69

*tournament record

Participating team members include:

Erin Michel
Deanna Mychalishyn
Chelsea Sturtevant
Emily Wright
Jessica Zhang


The Girls Varsity Golf team won the OHSAA Sectional Tournament at Walden Pond Golf Course today.

Mason scores

Rank Name, Grade School Front Back Total

1 Wright, Emily, 11 Mason 35 34 69

6 Michel, Erin , 11 Mason 42 38 80

9 Zhang, Jessica, 11 Mason 44 40 84

12 Mychalishyn, Deanna, 12 Mason 44 42 86

25 Sturtevant, Chelsea , 12 Mason 44 51 95




1 Lakota West 322 State Qualifier

2 St. Ursula 336 State Qualifier

3 Mason 337 State Qualifier

4 Mt. Notre Dame 344 State Qualifier
  Kari Hogeback-Lakota West 74  

Comets qualify for State!

Emily Wright finishes 2nd overall with a 76

9th Erin Michel (3 way tie)--82

19th Jessica Lang (tie)--88

29th Deanna Mychalishyn--91

36th Jamie Ellison (tie) 94




Ohio State Gray course

Columbus, OH

1. Mason 316

2. West Chester Lakota West 325, 3. Cin. St. Ursula Academy 326, 4. Ashland 337, 5. Col. Bishop Watterson 341, 6. Massillon Jackson 345, 7. Upper Arlington 345, 8. Medina Highland 350, 9. Cin. Mt. Notre Dame 353, 10. Massillon Perry 360, 11. Cin. St. Ursula Academy 363, 12. Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit 364.

Top Three Individuals:

1. Tiana Jones, Sr., Alliance 73; 2. Rachel Thompson, Sr., Ashland 74; 3. Laura Murray, Jr., Tipp City Tippecanoe 75



October 23, 2009


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Mason girls’ golf team ended their season on Saturday right where they had hoped…as Division I State Champions and winning back-to-back state titles. The Comets put recent tournament disappointments behind them topping GMC rival Lakota West by 9 stokes carding a 316 team score.  St. Ursula finished third overall one stroke behind the Firebirds. 

“We battled Lakota West all year, and we also knew that a very talented St. Ursula team would be a formidable opponent,” said head coach Fred Reeder.  “I'm just so proud that the girls fought through all the adversity and proved they are indeed the best team in the state yet again.”

Three of Mason’s top golfers from last year repeated their performance this year. Junior Emily Wright shot a team-best 76, while junior Erin Michel and junior Jessica Zhang both shot 78.  Other Mason scores included senior Chelsea Sturtevant with an 84 and senior Deanna Mychalishyn scoring an 87. 

For the second time in state history the tournament was reduced to 18 holes after the first day of play was cancelled due to rain. The last time the tournament featured only one round was in 1996. Although still cold, the rain held off Saturday allowing golfers to finish the 40th annual event played at the Ohio State University Gray Golf Course.

“They exceeded my expectations with their play in the state tournament, and as a coach, no matter how the match or tournament turns out, that means everything,” said Reeder.  The Comets will look to “Three-Peat” in 2010 with a tested and talented group of underclassman returning.

For more information please visit http://www.ohsaa.org/sports/go/girls/default.asp.


Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information



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Boys Soccer





Game Summary
8/22 Carroll          
8/27 Springboro won 1-0 1-0   Goal: Tyler Eifert Shutout: Cody Bowling, Dan Matthias
9/1 Northwest won 4-1 2-0 0-0 Goals: Caleb Eastham 2, Alex Hamm, A.J. Vergara
9/5 LEBANON won 3-0 3-0 0-0 Goals Jay Ebersole, Josh Calvert, Corey Campbell Shutout Cody Bowling and Dan Matthias Thanks,
9/10 SYCAMORE won 2-0 4-0 1-0 Goals: Corey Campbell 2 Shutout: Cody Bowling
9/15 PRINCETON won 1-0 5-0 2-0

The Mason High School men’s soccer team used a first-half goal at the 6:24 mark by junior Alex Newport to fend off the Princeton Vikings 1-0. Goalkeepers Cody Bowling and Daniel Matthias combined to blank the Vikings – the tandem has yet to allow a goal in GMC action.

Mason, which came into the match rated No. 8 in the most recent high school state soccer poll, remained undefeated at 5-0 overall and improved to 2-0 in Greater Miami Conference play with the win.

9/17 Colerain won 3-0 6-0 3-0


Goals: Caleb Eastham 2, A.J. Vergara 1 Shutout: Cody Bowling and Dan Matthias

9/22 MIDDLETOWN won 7-1 7-0 4-0 Goals: Caleb Eastham 2, Jay Ebersole 2, Corey Campbell, Chad Carman, Evan Pfirman
9/24 FAIRFIELD tied 2-2 7-0-1 4-0-1 Evan Pfirman, Caleb Eastham
9/26 MILFORD won 3-2 8-0-1 4-0-1 Goals: Caleb Eastham, Evan Pfirman, Alex Hamm
9/29 Oak Hills won 5-1 9-0-1 5-0-1 Waiting on results
10/1 Lakota West won 1-0 10-0-1 6-0-1 Comets score in 54th minute of contest on a goal by Chad Carman. Cody Bowling recorded the shutout
10/3 Kings tied 1-1 10-0-2 6-0-1 Alex Hamm score Mason's only goal.
10/8 LAKOTA EAST won 4-0 11-0-2 7-0-1 Goals: Caleb Eastham 2 Alex Hamm, Corey Campbell
Shutout: Dan Matthias
10/13 Hamilton won 2-0 12-0-2 8-0-1


goals: Caleb Eastham, Mason Hoge
shutout: Dan Matthias

The Mason boys’ soccer team finished their 2009 conference schedule on Tuesday with a 2-0 victory over Hamilton earning them their 2nd GMC title in the past three seasons. The Comets finished with an undefeated league record of 8-0-1 and overall mark of 12-0-2 with remaining regular season games against Loveland and on the road against Fairmont.

"As a coaching staff, we are extremely proud of our players," said head coach Paul Reedy. Year after year the GMC is considered one of the toughest soccer leagues in the state. This season was no exception as the city’s top five teams were all from the GMC, making the Comets accomplishment even more significant. Mason is currently ranked as the cities No. 1 boys soccer team and No. 3 in the most recent state soccer polls.

This season the Comets had to fight through more than their share of adversity according to Coach Reedy. "Tyler Galley and Corey Campbell, our senior captains, have led the way on the road to this years title effort." The Mason defense has shined this season producing 8 shutouts behind the Comet back line and the goal keeping of senior Dan Matthias and junior Cody Bowling. Senior Caleb Eastham is in the top three in scoring stats in the GMC.

The Comets have earned the #1 seed in the upcoming sectional tournament. They will face the winner of the Harrison/Princeton game on Saturday, Oct. 24th at Princeton High School. Game time is set for 1:00 pm.

10/15 LOVELAND lost 1-0 12-1-2 8-0-1  
10/17 Fairmont won 1-0 13-1-2 8-0-1 goal: Alex Hamm
shutout: Dan Matthias


Mason (#1) vs. Harrison

@ Princeton 1:00 pm

won 3-0 14-1-2 8-0-1


goals: Caleb Eastham 2, Alex Hamm 1
shutout: Dan Matthias 4 saves, Cody Bowling 1 save



Mason vs. Walnut Hills (#11 seed)

@Princeton 5:30 pm

won 7-0 15-1-2 8-0-1


On chilly wet evening at Princeton High School the Comets looked to advance to the District Finals against #11 seed Walnut Hills. On the line for both teams was a berth in the District Finals.

The evening started off well for the states 6th ranked Comets. Five minutes into the match Caleb Eastham struck a long shot from 35 yards out that found the back of the net, setup by a header by Adonis Vergara (1-0). Approx. 7 minutes later Corey Campbell hit a ball into the upper 90 (2-0). With 13 minutes remaining in half Mason Hoge nailed a goal off a direct kick from 33 yards out (3-0). With 2 1/2 minutes remaining Jay Ebersole scored off a goalie deflection (4-0).

Going into halftime the Comets led 4-0.

It didn't take long for the Comets to get things going after the break. Less than a minute into the 2nd half Caleb Eastham got his second goal of the night off an assist by Alexander Hamm(5-0). Two minutes later Eastham knocked home a hat trick for his third goal of the night (6-0). Alex Newport got an assist from Mason Hoge for Mason's final tally of the evening (7-0) with 32 minutes remaining.

Cody Bowling and Dan Matthias combined on the shutout with 3 saves a piece. The GMC Champion Comets extended their record to 15-1-2 overall. They will face the #2 seeded Centerville Elks (10th in state) coming out of the Dayton District who defeated Sydney by a score of 1-0. The Elks will enter the match with an undefeated record of 11-0-5 and finished second this fall in the always tough GWOC Central Division.

The #1 seeded Comets will look to replicate their 2007 District Championship on Saturday (Halloween) at Lakota West Soccer Stadium. Game time is set for 7:30 pm.


Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information



District Championship

Mason (#1 seed) vs.

Centerville (#2 seed)

7:30 @ Lakota West

won 3-1 16-1-2 8-0-1

October 31, 2009


LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The Mason boys’ soccer team put on a scary performance on Halloween night earning them a District Championship against Centerville High School.  The Comets defeated the Elks 3-1 at Lakota East, winning with strong defense and an offense that was relentless all night long.  It was a “trick and treat” night for Mason senior forward Alexander Hamm as he scored all three goals for his team. 

“Our experienced really helped us tonight against a younger Centerville squad,” said head coach Paul Reedy.  “The early goal by Alexander, off a great assist by Mason Hoge, changed everything and you could just see our confidence build.” 

The Comets had the better of it most of the first half, although keeper Dan Matthias came up with some big stops. With 5:12 left the first half Hoge delivered a corner kick to Hamm who headed it to the back of the Centerville net putting the Comets ahead 1-0.  Hamm struck again at 5:03 into the second half on an unassisted goal (2-0). He completed a hat trick with his third goal of the night at the 51-minute mark (3-0). Matt Bond was credited with an assist on Hamm's third goal.

Centerville scored on a PK by Matt Spier with 18 minutes remaining in the contest to round out the scoring.

“Our defense was outstanding tonight against some very quick players,” Reedy said. “We were able to keep the play in front of us most of the night and not dive in.”

This is Mason’s 2nd District Title in the past three years and advances their overall record to 16-1-2.  The Comets will face Beavercreek in the Regional Semi-finals on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm.  The Beavers defeated another GMC foe, Fairfield, by a score of 3-0 to advance.  The location of the contest has yet to be confirmed, but most likely will be played at Lakota West.  The Firebirds defeated Sycamore 3-0 in an earlier contest to also advance. 


Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information



Mason vs Beavercreek

7:00 PM Lakota West




16-2-2 8-0-1


Beavercreek entered tonights contest at 13-2-4 ranked #9 in the state.

Alex Hamm got Mason on the board with only 2 1/2 minutes into the contest off an assist from Caleb Eastham (1-0).

With 10:07 left in the half Beavercreeks Dustin Wright delivered a ball to the back of the net off a 50 yard free kick assist (1-1).

HALF TIME: Mason 1 Beavercreek 1

At 26:55 left the Beavers went in front 2-1 off a set piece scored again by Dustin Wright (2-1).

With 3:38 remaining the Comets tied the game off a long direct kick by Matt Bond that got behind the keeper and was headed in by Alex Newport (2-2).

Regulation play ended with the score knotted at 2-2 forcing a 15 minute overtime golden goal.

Neither team could score in the first overtime sending the match to a second 15 minute overtime.

Once again both teams could not score in the 2nd OT. The match then went to a round of 5 penalty kicks.

Beavercreek kicked first and missed the attempt wide.

Msaon's Alex Hamm's attempt was blocked.

Second shot by Beavercreek was converted (1-0)

Masons second attempt by Alex Newport was good (1-1).

Third attempt by Beavercreek kicer was good (2-1).

Mason's third attempt by Mason Hoge was good (2-2).

The fourth PK by Beavercreek was converted (3-2).

Mason's fourth PK by Cory Campbell was missed (3-2)

Beavercreek converted the final PK thus winning the shootout and advancing to the Regional final.

Congratulations to the Mason players and coaches on an outstanding season!





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Girls Soccer






Game Summary
8/25 ST. URSULA won 1-0 1-0 0-0


The Mason Girl’s Soccer Team gave Andy Schur his first win as their new head coach while upsetting the country’s No. 1 ranked program, the St. Ursula Bull Dogs on Tuesday night at the Mason Soccer stadium.  The Comets defeated the two-time defending state champions 1-0 with senior forward Megan Frye scoring the games only goal in the first 10 minutes of the game off an assist by sophomore mid-fielder Haley Haffner. 

“The Comets came into the match as the clear underdog,” said 1st year coach Andy Schur.  “All of the ladies on our team were confident that they could compete with the highly skilled and very talented Bulldogs.” 

The contest was a back and forth affair with St. Ursula getting the majority of the possessions.  The Comets counter attack provided the offense with numerous scoring opportunities.  The Mason defensive unit shined throughout the evening led by senior goalkeepers Kimmy Connor and TIna Mathur, combining for the team's first shut out of the season.  Mathur had a key stop in the second half on a diving direct kick that she deflected over the bar. 

9/8 Little Miami         CANCELLED
9/10 Sycamore won 3-2 2-0 1-0

Sycamore scored the first goal about 20 minutes into the first half on a throw in.
We equalized on a cross by Jae Atkinson to Megan Frye with about 8 minutes to go in the first half. It was Megan's second goal of the season.
No goals were scored in the second half until there were 12 mintues left. Jae Atkinson played a free kick into the box and Courtney Hoenicke headed it in for a 2 to 1 lead.

Sycamore scored with 4 minutes left to tie the game at 2.
With two minutes left, Sycamore had a corner kick. We cleared the ball to Mackenzie Money who sent a beautiful ball to Kristin Leist. Leist beat her defender 1 v 1 and set up Liz Finley for the game winning goal.

9/15 Princeton won 8-0 3-0 2-0 Waiting on information.
9/17 COLERAIN won 6-1 4-0 3-0


An early goal by Liz Finley got the Comets off to a good start. Courtney Hoenicke had the assist on the goal and that became a common theme for the evening. Hoenicke assisted on three of the Comets 6 goals while playing a great game in the central midfield. The Comets would lead 4 to 1 at halftime on 2 goals by Kristin Leist and one goal by Megan Frye.

The second half saw the Comets extend their lead on a beautiful goal off a corner kick by Courtney Hackney on an assist from Jae Atkinson. The final goal of the evening was scored by Liz Finley off an excellent feed from freshmen forward Jami Pfeiffer.

9/19 TURPIN won 2-0 5-0 3-0

Saturday evening’s match up against Turpin (4-1-2) was to provide Mason with its biggest challenge of the season since the opening night match against defending State Champions St. Ursula Academy. Mason won that match 1-0 ending the 39 game St. Ursula undefeated streak.

The game began with Mason applying some offensive pressure gaining several corner kick opportunities in the opening 10 minutes of play. Three of those corner kicks found the head of junior Annie Beard as she went high above the mixer to deflect them towards the goal. On the fourth corner kick opportunity, Jae Atkinson bent a left footed in swinger towards the near post where senior Megan Frye redirected the ball with a glancing header into the back side net as Mason took an early 1-0 lead.

However, Turpin regained their composure and put together a solid first half as they connected and strung together many passes in the midfield area. However, they were to be disappointed late in the first half when Mason scored with 13 seconds remaining to push the margin to 2-0. Senior Kristin Leist picked up a ball at the top of the box and went to goal facing several Turpin defenders. Having the ball deflect off and around the Turpin goalie, Leist followed the Turpin defender into the goal where the Turpin defender left it exposed to a follow up attempt and goal by Kristin.

The second half saw a more aggressive Mason team begin to assert themselves in the midfield area. Midfielders Courtney Hoenicke and sophomore Courtney Hackney patrolled and controlled the pace in the middle while solid play out of the air by defenders Annie Beard and Heather Jung helped solidify the victory. Second half goal keeping by Kimmy Connor recording six saves and Tina Mathur’s first half efforts provided Mason with its third shutout of the season.

The Comets record now stands at 5-0 overall and 3-0 in the GMC. The lady Comets go on the road this week to visit GMC foes Middletown and Fairfield.



9/22 Middletown won 3-1 6-0 4-0 A first half goal was scored from 30 yards on a beautiful shot by Jae Atkinson. In the second half the Comets had numerous chances from distance but could not find the net until Jae Atkinson connected with junior Annie Beard on a corner kick for a 2 to 0 lead. Shortly after that, freshmen Sami Rutowski found Megan Frye with a cross for a goal and 3 to 0 lead. The Comets surrendered a goal with about 8 minutes left on a really nice play from Middletown.
9/26 MILFORD won 3-0 7-0 4-0

The game started slow for the Comets, with Milford dictating most of the play in the first half. The Comets defense led by seniors Heather Jung and Stephanie Gort kept the shutout in tact for the first 40 minutes and the score at half was 0 to 0.

In the second half Mason found their offensive rhythm. Maddie Junge scored a goal from 30 yards out to give the Comets a 1 to 0 lead. Immediately after that, Liz Finley found freshmen Sami Rutowski for another Comet goal and a 2 to 0 lead. The final goal was scored off a corner kisk from Jae Atkinson to Annie Beard.

The Comets play Oak Hills and Lakota West this week in two huge GMC matches, followed by a game against rival Kings on Saturday.

9/29 OAK HILLS won 3-0 8-0 5-0 Waiting on results
10/1 LAKOTA WEST tied 2-2 8-0-1 5-0-1

Mason tied Lakota West last night 2 to 2. Both teams are still very much in contention for the GMC championship. Mason goes to 8-0-1 on the year and 5-0-1 in the GMC with games remaining against East, Fairfield and Hamilton.

In last night's game, Lakota West scored an early goal from 45 yards off a direct kick. Mason answered quickly on a goal by Annie Beard off a cross from Jae Atkinson. Later in the first half, Mason came close to taking a lead into the locker room when Sami Rutowski hit the post with a header. The second half saw both teams create some chances, but Mason capitalized with a goal by Chelsea VanHook with about 16 minutes left. Lakota West banged home another direct kick with 8 minutes left to close out the scoring. Mason had a couple last second chances, but the West defense played strong.

10/3 Kings lost 2-0 8-1-1 5-0-1 Kings handed Mason their first loss of the season 2 to 0 on two late goals in the second half. Kings put Mason on their heels right away and took advantage of their good play and a strong wind to get two goals in the last ten minutes of the second half.
10/8 Lakota East         POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER...RESCHEDULE 10/15


(9/24 makeup)

won 3-1 9-1-1 6-0-1 Mason beat Fairfield 3 to 1 in a muddy and sloppy game at FF stadium. Both teams played hard and Mason scored two goals on first half corner kicks against the run of play. Jae Atknison assisted on the goals scored by Megan Frye and freshmen Sami Rutowski. The second half saw Mason play much better and more composed. They created numerous good chances and capitalized on a well earned PK with 15 minutes left. Megan Frye was fouled and Jae Atkinson hammered home the PK. FF's lone goal came a on beautiful piece of 1 v 1 play with 50 seconds left. The Comets defense was led by Stephanie Gort, Heather Jung and Alexis Daulton with Kimmy Connor in goal.
10/13 HAMILTON won 2-0 10-1-1 7-0-1 The Comets improved to 10-1-1 overall and 7-0-1 in the GMC with a 10-0 win over Hamilton. A very good overall team effort led the Comets to victory. The win sets up a game with Lakota East on Thursday. If the Comets win that game, they clinch the GMC Championship.
10/15 Loveland         CANCELLED

Lakota East

(10/12 makuep)

won 2-1 11-1-1 8-0-1

October 15, 2009


LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Oh. --  The Mason girl’s soccer team defeated Lakota East on Thursday night at Thunderhawk stadium to clinch their 2nd consecutive GMC title.  The win improves the Comets record to 11-1-1 and finishes the conference season undefeated at 8-0-1.  

The Comets got their only two goals of the match in the first five minutes of the game by forwards Liz Finley and Megan Frye.  Lakota East scored a goal midway through the second half and consistently pressured the Comet defense.  The Mason defense held strong and was led by seniors Stephanie Gort, Heather Jung and Kimmy Connor.  Both teams created scoring opportunities in the second half, but neither could capitalize.

“It was a great effort put forth by all our players,” said 1st year head coach Andy Schur.  “Lakota East is an excellent team and we’re lucky to get out of there with the win.”  Team members of the 2009 GMC Champions include; Janese Atkinson, Kim Connor, Haley Haffner, Courtney Hoenicke, Megan Frye, Jami Pfeifer, Andrea Beard, Heather Jung, Kristin Leist, Elizabeth Finley, Madison Junge, Samantha Rutowski, Stephanie Gort, Kristina Steele, Ivy Beddow, Alexis Daulton, Kinisha Robinson, Chelsea Vanhook, Samantha Templeton, Mackenzie Money, Courtney Hackney and Gabrielle Whitt. 

The Comets are the 8th ranked team in the recent girl’s state soccer polls and No. 2 team in the city.  Mason finishes their regular season schedule with a 2:00 pm match at Mercy on Saturday, Oct. 17th.  The Lady Comets are the 2 seed in the upcoming postseason tournament.  They will play a first round home match against Little Miami on Monday, Oct. 19th at 7:00 pm. 


Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information

10/17 Mercy lost 3-1 11-2-1 8-0-1 NO REPORT


Mason (2) vs. Little Miami

@Mason 7:00 pm

won 3-1 12-2-1 8-0-1 The Mason Women's Soccer team opened state tournament play with a 3 to 1 victory over Little Miami. The team showed tremendous heart and courage against a better than advertised squad from Little Miami. The Panthers scored a goal midway through th efirst half on a cross and finish to go up 1 to 0. The Comets quickly answered with a goal by Liz Finley off a corner kick by Jae Atkinson. The half ended at 1 to 1. Mason quickly gained control of the match on a goal by Megan Frye early in the second half off a beautiful assist by Liz Finley. Scoring was concluded with about 10 minutes when a free kick by Jae Atkinson found Courtney Hoenicke in the box who back heeled it in from about 3 yards. Mason will play Walnut Hills tonight at Mason at 7 pm in the next round.


Mason (2 seed) vs. Walnut Hills (16 seed)

7:00 pm at Mason

won 3-0 13-2-1 8-0-1


Waiting on report


SECTIONALS -2nd round

MASON (#2) vs. MILFORD (#5 seed)

5:30 pm @ Wnton Woods

lost 1-0



The Lady Comets come up short and end their season against Milford.

Milford scored the games only goal with 16 minutes to go in the first half.

The Lady Comets finish an outstanding season as GMC Champs and a tremendous overall record of 13-3-1. With a bevy of taented underclassman returning next year the future continues to look bright for the Msson Girls Soccer Program.

Congratualtions to coaches and players on an outstanding season!


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Girls Tennis
Mason Individual Results & Match Notes
8/24 KINGS won 5-0 1-0 0-0

Singles: 1st- Kang d. Hay 6-3, 6-3 2nd-Heydt d. weed 6-1, 6-0 3rd-Jackson d. Cancel 6-0, 6-1

Doubles: 1st-Stulen/Huser d. Leo/Rummelhart 6-1, 6-3 2nd-Hatch/Baruk d. Kircher/Bennett 6-0, 4-6, 10-

8/25 SYCAMORE lost 3-2 1-1 0-1

Singles: 1st- Kang d. Patel 7-6, 6-7, 10-6 2nd- Heydt d. Patel 6-2, 6-4 3rd- Southard d. Stulen 6-2, 6-2

Doubles: 1st- Martin/Zhang d. Jackson/Huser 6-2, 6-1 2nd- Cron/Dosani d. Baruk/Hatch 6-4, 6-3

8/27 PRINCETON won 5-0 2-1 1-1 NO REPORT
9/1 Colerain won 5-0 3-1 2-1 1st Singles: Heydt d. Thinnes 6-0, 6-0 2nd: Jackson d. Feldman 6-0, 6-0 3rd: Rohlinger d. Feldman 6-0, 6-0 1st Doubles: Huser/Baruk d. Colina/Curtis 6-0, 6-3 2nd: Zimmerman/Hatch d. Underiner/Laughlin 6-1, 6-3

State Team Tournament

vs. Milford

won 5-0     1st singles: Kang d. Poole 6-0, 6-0 2nd: Heydt d. Laskarzewski 6-4, 6-1 3rd: Jackson d. Glancy 6-0, 6-1 1st Doubles: Huser/Baruk d. Petrosky/Kruse 4-6, 6-0, 6-2 2nd: Stulen/Zimmerman d. Morehouse/Medvedec 6-1, 6-4
9/2 INDIAN HILL lost 3-2 3-2 2-1 1st singles: Matthews d. Kang 7-6, 6-0 2nd: Schumacher d. Jackson 6-2, 6-0 3rd: Littman d. Huser 6-2, 6-3 1st doubles: Heydt/Zimmerman d. Schumacher/Mckenna 6-3, 7-5 2nd: Schwab/Vanderschuren d. Hatch/Stulen 6-3, 6-4
9/3 MIDDLETOWN won 5-0 4-2 3-1 1st singles: Kang d. Reed 6-0, 6-0 2nd: Jackson d. Tompalidis 6-0, 6-0 3rd: Rohlinger d. Ferguson 6-0, 6-1 1st doubles: Heydt/Zimmerman d. Wilhelm/Phillippe 6-2, 6-0 2nd: Stulen/Hatch d. Williams/Wireman 6-2, 6-3
9/8 CHCA won 3-2 5-2 3-1 1st singles: Kang d. Faugno 7-5, 6-2 2nd:Dahmus d. Heydt 6-1, 6-0 3rd:Baxter d. Stulen 6-0, 6-4 1st doubles:Huser/Baruk d. Elliott/Martin 6-0, 7-5 2nd: Zimmerman/Rohlinger d. Powell/Flory 6-2, 6-2
9/9 LOVELAND lost 3-2 5-3 3-1 1st singles: Kang d. Schwarberg 6-2, 6-1 2nd: Genbhauffe d. Heydt 7-5, 7-5 3rd: Baker d. Stulen 7-5, 6-4 1st Doubles: Wells/Reaney d. Baruk/Huser 6-3, 7-6 2nd: Zimmerman/Rohlinger d. Huezo/Smith 2-6, 6-2, 6-4
9/10 FAIRFIELD won 5-0 6-3 4-1 1st Singles: LiAra Jackson d. Katie Reece 6-0, 6-0 2nd: Sam Stulen d. Portland Reece 6-1, 6-1 3rd: Abbey Rohlinger d. Jenna Landers 6-1, 6-0 1st doubles: Sso Rha Kang/Courtney Heydt d. Flaker/Harris 6-0, 6-1 2nd: Jourdan Hatch/Katherine Baruk d. Morris/Scott 6-0, 6-1
9/14 Centerville         NO REPORT
9/15 Oak Hills         NO REPORT


vs. Tippacanoe

        NO REPORT
9/17 Lakota West         NO REPORT
9/22 LAKOTA EAST lost 5-0     Carolyn Pitman def. Sso Rha Kang 6-1, 6-1 Taylor Holden def. Courtney Heydt 6-0, 6-0 Erin Filbrandt def. LiAra Jackson 6-0, 6-3 Jessica Backstrom/Samar Sheriff def. Nicole Huser/Katherine Baruk 6-2, 7-5 Katie Strahan/Leeah Floyd def. Sam Stulen 7-5, 7-5
9/24-9/26 GCTCA Tourney         NO REPORT
9/29 Hamilton         NO REPORT
10/1-10/3 GMC Tournament         NO REPORT
10/8 Sectional CHAMPIONSHIPS         NO REPORT


@Centerville HS

        NO REPORT
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Girls Volleyball





Game Highlights
8/29 Tri Match-Anderson won 25-17, 25-20 1-0   Mason opened it season against Anderson, winning in two games. Lauren Ketron led the comets with 7 kills and 2 solo blocks.
8/29 Tri Match-Lebanon won 25-9, 25-21 2-0 0-0 Concluding the tri match, Mason beat Lebanon in two games. Maddie Colton had 11 defense digs while offensively Colleen Raga and Lauren Ketron had 5 kills each.
9/2 Miamisburg won Game 1: 25-17 Game 2: 25-12 Game 3: 25-14 3-0 0-0 Congrats to the girls volleyball team, the JV and Varsity both won their match against Miamisburg last night advancing their record to 3-0. Leading the comets was Lauren Ketron with 4 blocks and Colleen Raga with 5 kills.
9/5 Lancaster Inv.   1st Place 6-0 0-0


The Mason Girls Volleyball team was crowned champions of the Karen Wohrer Breast Cancer Awareness tournament this past Saturday, Sept. 5th in Lancaster, Ohio. The girls advanced to the finals by defeating West Muskingum 25-12, 25-21 then Fisher Catholic 25-13, 25-21.   In the championship match the Comets defeated Jonathan Alder 25-23, 25-8.  Anna Carley led the weekend in kills with 15 and 7 service aces.  Lauren Ketron led the team in blocks with 6 and Maddy Colton led the team in digs with 21.


9/8 MCAULY lost Game 1 25-21 mason Game 2 16-25 mcauley Game 3 25-17 mason Game 4 20-25 mcauley Game 5 6-15 mcauley 6-1 0-0 Mason lost their first match this season in a five game battle against McAuley. The Comets won the first and third game of the match. Some highlights include Lauren Ketron and Anna Carley's hitting, both marking 9 kills for the night. Sanaya El-Naggar and Maddy Colton both contributed 14 digs to the Comet's defense. Brittany Dodson served 16 points.
9/10 SYCAMORE won 25-17, 25-15, 25-17 7-1 1-0 Congratulations to the freshman, JV and Varsity volleyball teams. The Varsity volleyball team advanced their record to 7-1 last night. They beat the Sycamore Aves in three games, winning 25-17, 25-15, and 25-17. Colleen Raga led the team with 6 kills, Hillary Melnick had 29 assists, and Sanaya El-Naggar had 12 defensive digs. Congratulations ladies.
9/12 TRI MATCH won see detail summary 9-1 1-0 The Lady Comets advanced their record to 9-1 this weekend. They beat Beavercreek in the first match and Kings in the second match. The Comets beat Beavercreek in three games, losing the first game 24-26 and coming back to win the next two 25-19 and 25-11. Offensively leading the Comets was Lauren Ketron with 10 kills and Anna Carley and Colleen Raga followed close behind with 8 kills each. Mason beat Kings in two games, winning 25-19 and 25-18. Maddy Colton and Sanaya El-Naggar both had 8 digs and Hillary Melnick served 13 points and had 21 assists.
9/15 PRINCETON won 25-6, 25-8, and 25-6 10-1 2-0 The Mason Comets advanced their record to 10-1 overall and 2-0 in the conference tonight against Princeton winning 25-6, 25-8, and 25-6. Game highlights include a team combination of 24 aces, 26 total kills, and 6 team blocks. Way to go Comets!
9/17 Colerain won 25-14, 25-17, 25-19 11-1 3-0 Senior, Colleen Raga had ten kills in only 13 attempts. Lauren Ketron put up 6 blocks, two solo and Sam Ipach went 100% in digs, getting 6 digs in 6 attempts.
9/24 MIDDLETOWN won 25-17, 25-11, 25-11. 12-1 4-0 Mason's middle hitters dominated the offense. Junior Lauren Ketron had 7 service aces, 3 solo blocks, and 10 kills and sophomore Anna Carley led the team with 13 kills.
9/26 SETON won 25-22, 22-25, 25-22, 14-25, 15-12


4-0 The Mason Volleyball team continued their winning streak this weekend. The Comets pulled through in the final points of the fifth game to defeat Seton. Hillary Melnick ran the court with 47 assists. Eleven those assists were for Lauren Ketron's kills and 22 were for Colleen Raga's kills. Defensively Sanaya El-Naggar contributed 22 digs. Colleen Raga closed out the final point of the game with a kill.
9/29 FAIRFIELD won 25-12, 21-25, 25-14 and 25-22 14-1 5-0

Shortly after the Mason Wrestling Coaches beat the Mason Football Coaches by three points in their first annual staff game, the wrestling team welcomed the Lady Comets out to the court for their third annual Volley For A Cure game against Fairfield. Mason defeated Fairfield in four games, advancing their record to 14-1 overall and tied for first in the conference, with a 5-0 record.

Colleen Raga and Anna Carley had double-digit kills, Raga with 14 and Carley with 13. Sanaya El-Naggar, Andrea Knabe and Brittany Dodson had double digit digs, El-Naggar with 14, Knabe with 10 and Dodson with 12. Way to go Comets!

10/1 Oak Hills lost 25-23, 25-22, 22-25, 25-16 14-2 5-1 WAITING ON REPORT
10/3 Tri Match



Springboro 25-14 and 25-18

Walnut Hills 25-23 and 25-10

16-2 5-1 Mason added two wins to their record, improving it to 15-2 this weekend against Springboro and Walnut Hills. Mason won in two games against both teams, beating Springboro 25-14 and 25-18 and Walnut Hills 25-23 and 25-10. Against Springboro, Anna Carley led the team with 5 blocks and 3 aces. Ashley Wales, Lauren Ketron and Colleen Raga all had 5 kills. Against Walnut Hills, Samantha Ipach put two points on the board with service aces and Colleen Raga led the team with 10 kills.
10/6 Lakota West lost 25-22, 27-29, 25-21, 22-25, 15-11 16-3 5-2 Mason played a tough match against Lakota West, losing in 5 games. The Comets lost a close first game 22-25, came back to win the second 29-27, lost the third 21-25, and came back to win the fourth 25-22. The Comets lost in the final match 11-15, but they didn't go down without a fight. Overall, the team played tough and gave the top team in the GMAC a run for their money. Maddy Colton dominated serve receive with 33 good passes, many of which set Hillary Melnick up for her 44 assists, 12 of which belonged to Anna Carley and 11 to Sanaya El-Naggar.
10/8 LAKOTA EAST lost 25-5, 14-25, 25-18, 25-23 16-4 5-3 Andrea Knabe served 16 points including two aces. Anna Carley had 13 kills and Hillary Melnick had 31 assists.
10/13 Hamilton won 25-11, 25-11, and 25-17 17-4 6-3 Senior, Hillary Melnick served 25 points, 5 of which were aces and put up 23 assists for the night. Anna Carley served 6 aces and had 8 kills. Senior, Colleen Raga led the team with 9 kills. Way to go Comets!
10/15 LOVELAND won 25-18, 25-19, 25-13 18-4 6-3 Mason won their final season game against Loveland, finishing with an 18-4 overall record. Mason's seniors stepped up for their final home game, all contributing to their 25-18, 25-19, and 25-13 win. Senior, Colleen Raga led the team with 9 kills and senior, Sanaya El-Naggar had 8 kills and led the team with 11 digs. Senior, Andrea Knabe led the team in serving with 4 aces. Hillary Melnick had 25 assists for the night and Ashley Wales had 2 kills and 1 block. Way to go Comets!


Mason (8) vs. Oak Hills (#10)

@ Lakota West 7:30

won 22-25, 25-12, 25-22, 25-16 19-4 6-3 The Mason Comet's defeated Oak Hills in their first tournament game. It was sweet revenge after Oak Hills beat them earlier this season. The Comets won in four games, barely losing the first 22-25 and coming back to win the next three 25-12, 25-22, and 25-16. Defensively, Sanaya El-Naggar, Andrea Knabe, Maddy Colton and Brittany Dodson all put up double digit digs. Offensively, the outside hitters carried the team. Sanaya El-Naggar led with 13 kills and Colleen Raga had 11. Hillary Melnick had 37 assists for the night. It was a true team effort and we are looking forward to watching them continue their winning streak against the Sycamore Aves this Saturday at 6:00 at the Lakota West Freshman Building. Way to go Comets.


Mason (8) vs. Sycamore (#7)

6:00 pm @ Lakota West

1ST 25-16, 25-20, 26-24 20-4 6-3


The Lady Comets took the Sectional Title on Saturday against the Sycamore Aves. The Comets took the match in three games, winning the first two 25-16 and 25-20 and came from behind (19-24) to win 26-24 in the final game.

Hillary Melnick, who had seven serves in a row at the end of game three served 16 total points in the match, 3 of which were aces. She also had 20 assists. The middle hitters took charge offensively and had 17 combined kills. Nine of those kills belonged to Anna Carley and eight belonged to Lauren Ketron.

Come support the Comets next Saturday, October 31st as they take on Seton in the District Finals.



Msson vs. Seton

7:00 @ Lebanon HS

won 27-25, 25-21, 26-24, 25-22, 15-13 21-4 6-3

October 31, 2009


LEBANON, Ohio -- The Mason girls’ volleyball team won the programs first ever district championship on Saturday at Lebanon High School defeating Seton in five games.  The title contest was a nail biter with the largest scoring gap in any of the five games at 4 points. 

Seton won the first game (27-25), Mason took the second (25-21), and the third (26-24).  Seton fought back to win the fourth game (25-22) and Mason won the last game (15-13) to win the match.  In the final game, Mason fought back from an 11-13 deficit and turned it into a 15-13 victory.  

The Comets were able to keep it close with their strong front row players and a quick offense.  Senior Hillary Melnick spread her 44 assists among the entire front row.  Three hitters earned double digit kills.  Sophomore Anna Carley had 13 kills, senior Colleen Raga had 12 kills, and junior Lauren Ketron had 12 kills.  Defensively, senior Sanaya El-Naggar led the team with a season high of 21 digs.  

The Comets will advance to the regional semi-finals this Wednesday, Nov. 4th to take on Harrison (22-3) at Vandalia Butler High School.  Game time is set for 6:00 pm. 


Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information


Regional Semi-Finals

Mason vs. Harrison

6:00 pm @ Vandalia Butler HS

won 26-24, 25-18 and 25-17 22-4 6-3

November 5, 2009


VANDALIA, Ohio -- The Mason girls’ volleyball team has advanced to the Regional Finals on Saturday by virtue of their win against Harrison on Wednesday night in the Regional Semi-Finals at Butler. The Comets easily swept the Wildcats in three straight games 26-24, 25-18 and 25-17.

Sanaya El-Naggar led the way with 12 defensive digs and 10 offensive kills. Hillary Melnick put up 25 assists for the night. Lauren Ketron and Sanaya El-Naggar both had 5 blocks. Anna Carley and Colleen Raga both had 7 kills for the night. The win pushes their overall record to 22-4.

The Mason volleyball program is in uncharted territory, now advancing to the Elite Eight. The Comets will look to advance to the State Final Four on Saturday against perennial powerhouse St. Ursuline Academy. The Lions (26-0) and ranked #1 in the State thumped Butler in three to advance.

Game time is set for 4:00 pm at Vandalia Butler High School.



Dan Hilen
Mason Sports Information



Mason vs. Ursuline Academy

4:00 pm @ Butler

lost 25-17, 25-23, and 25-12. 22-5 6-3

The Comet's ended their season this past weekend with a loss to the number one ranked team in the state, Ursuline Academy. The Comets fell short in three games, 25-17, 25-23, and 25-12.

Seniors Sanaya El-Naggar and Colleen Raga led the team with 7 kills each. Senior Hillary Melnick had 23 assists. Senior Ashley Wales put up 3 blocks and Junior Lauren Ketron led the team with 5 blocks.

Congratulations on an excellent season and post-season!

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Information provided by the Mason Sports Information Director, Dan Hilen